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Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning/Steam Cleaning in Aurora, Beaverton, Bradford, Keswick, Newmarket, Pefferlaw, Stouffville, Sutton and Surrounding areas.

 Residential Carpet Cleaning

We accept all types of carpet cleaning projects regardless of their materials and surface area. Our company requires only the minimum amount of time to clean your carpets so as not to disturb your office work flow or your home?s domestic activities. Our cleaning solutions also leave a fresh, nature-based scent that does not leave any irritating smell.



Pet Stain Removal

Pets are sometimes hard to maintain. They often leave hair and organic waste on your carpet and furniture. When you have bordered to the hard to remove pet stains and odor, it's time to call in the professionals with stain removal experience. We eliminate pet stains and hair without any trace, while leaving a fragrant smell for your living room or office space.


Deodorizing and Disinfecting

Do you smell an unusual, often foul odor from your upholsteries or carpets? They may have been left by stain causing materials such as spoiled food or pet waste. Areas where stains and moisture are good spots for bacteria to thrive. Let us provide you with deodorizing your room, while disinfecting stain affected areas to boost your health and wellness.

Stain Guard Protecting

Lessen the chances of your carpets and furnitures? fabric catching stains by availing our stain guard protection service. Coat the surface of your rugs and upholsteries against dirt and other damaging elements.


Auto Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

The inside of your car is also exposed to dirt and stains. We sometimes eat in the car, slept on it and every time we go on board dirt from our shoes are absorbed by the carpet. Our cleaning service is assured to clean every corner of your car even the hard to reach places. Regain the orderly ambiance of your car?s interior by hiring our professional help.